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After quite some years away from photography I’ve returned to it again recently, this time in the digital age. I started out with a Kodak Brownie Flash 20 way back in 1960 and progressed through various rangefinder models, 35mm SLRs (starting with the Pentax Spotmatic), Yashicamat G TLR, various Minolta SLRs (SRT 101, 7000, 9000, 7, 9,), and various MF gear (including the "Hasslebladski"). I’ve now used a wide variety of good digital cameras including Leica, Nikon, Fuji, Ricoh, Olympus and Sony. Currently, Fuji X-Pr01 and Fuji X-E1 bodies with Fujinon and older German lenses are keeping me very happy.

A warm welcome to my SmugMug selection...a work in progress. Many more Galleries to come.